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Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs announces 2018 scholarship recipients

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs is proud to announce its 2018 scholarship recipients:

The Bonnie Greenberg Memorial Scholarship

  • Anthony Spadafore (Lincoln Prairie/Schaumburg)

Two-Year Junior College/Trade or Vocational School Scholarship

  • Sarah Harder (Dooley/Addams/Schaumburg)

Four-Year College/University Scholarship

  • Allison Vasilakis (Collins/Frost/Conant)
  • Sebastian Frank (Dirksen/Lincoln Prairie/Conant)
  • Katherine Garcia (Lakeview/Campanelli/Mead/Conant)
  • Kira Cloonan (Hale/Campanelli/Mead/Schaumburg)
  • Annie Bambula (Stevenson/Mead/Conant)
  • Zachary Gold (Collins/Frost/Conant)
  • Daniel Owen (Dooley/Addams/Schaumburg)
  • Dylan Toth (Nerge/Mead/Conant)

Each student will be awarded a one-year, $1,500 scholarship at the annual STC Scholarship Recognition Dinner May 9 at Mead Junior High School. The recipients are all seniors in high school who once attended a District 54 school.

District 54 students advance to state level of Reflections

The following students from District 54 moved on to the state level for Reflections, a PTA writing and fine arts competition. The theme of the 2017-18 Reflections program was “Within Reach.” District 54 students were able to submit an entry in any of the following six arts areas:  film production, dance choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.

There will be a reception honoring the Reflections students from PTA District 37 (which includes School District 54) on March 13, 2018.

Dance Choreography

  • Emma, One Step Closer, Link, grade 3
  • Jane, The Space Between, Fairview, grade 3
  • Sai Jasmitha, Within Reach, Churchill, grade 3
  • Vernika, Bollywood, Churchill, grade 2
  • Jaden, A Gymnast’s Journey, Hale, grade 4

Film Production

  • Haley, Better Place for All, Addams, grade 8
  • Alison, Try Everything, Lincoln Prairie, grade 6
  • Alexander, Promoting Flag Football, Hoover, grade 4
  • Ozan, All By Myself, Campanelli, grade 1
  • Varsan, Never Give Up, Churchill, grade 3


  • Aabid, My Destination, Churchill, grade 4
  • Emily, Being Within Reach, Fairview, grade 4
  • Karina, Goals Behind the Clouds, Campanelli, grade 4

Special Artist – Literature

  • Alex, The Real Dream, Lakeview, grade 5
  • Clara, Hard-Knock Life Dance, Lakeview, grade 3

Musical Composition

  • Maya, Halloween Wars, Churchill, grade 4
  • Sanjana, Pursuing Eloquence, Lincoln Prairie, grade 7
  • Aditya, Joyful Me, Lincoln Prairie, grade 2
  • William, A Violinist’s Journey, Dooley, grade 2
  • Monika, Best of Me, Mead, grade 8
  • Shune, The Great Fall, Dooley, grade 4
  • Taira, Tsum Tsum, Dooley, grade 6


  • Sarah, The Transportation Twilight, Frost, grade 8
  • Aayush, Within Reach the Rare Mountain Goat, Churchill, grade 4

Special Artist – Photography

  • Alex, Everything I Love, Lakeview, grade 5

Visual Arts

  • An, Part of Which Falls Down, Frost, grade 8
  • Aya, Reaching for the Stars, Churchill, grade 6
  • Isabella, Dream Within Reach, Lincoln Prairie, grade 7
  • Arissa, High Ball, Fairview, grade 3

Special Artist – Visual Arts

  • Gineli, Reach on the Ladder, Addams, grade 8
  • Elizabeth, Halloween, Addams, grade 8
  • Zacchaeus, The Great Artist, Addams, grade 7
  • Keisha, Climbing to the Sky, Addams, grade 8
  • Clara, Actresses Through the Ages, Lakeview, grade 3
  • Taylor, The Stars, Addams, grade 7
  • Roberto, The Entire Solar System, Armstrong, grade 6
  • Sofia, The Beauty Within, Blackwell, grade 1
  • Tamya, Kites in the Sky, Addams, grade 7
  • Nathan, I Can Do Anything, Addams, grade 8
  • Jordan, Reaching for the Sky, Addams, grade 8
  • Edward, Reaching out to Video Games, Eisenhower, grade 7
  • Curtis, Car Crashes, Aldrin, grade 3