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Northwest Cook Region Fall Training

All courses will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at Winston Campus Junior High, 120 N. Babcock Drive in Palatine. To register email or click here.

Sept. 12 – PTA Road to Success
This course explains the who, what and why of PTA. This course is for everyone! The bylaws require this for the entire board (chairmen and officers).

Sept. 12 – Reflections
Share the arts with your students while helping build confidence and self-esteem through recognition and celebration of their efforts. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of hosting and supporting the Reflections program, including rules, due dates, packaging, promotion, judging, best practices, success stories, program tips, and Q&A time.

Sept. 14 – Membership Workshop
Learn what resources are available to you. Learn how to engage everyone in growing your membership and the benefits of everyone begin a PTA member.

Sept. 14 – Money Matters 101
This course will take you through everything you will be responsible for as a PTA treasurer including how to prepare a budget, conducting an audit, fundraising, managing money and bank accounts, electronic banking, treasurer’s financial reports, accountability to members and the government, and how to protect your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. It is suggested that all PTA treasurers and presidents take this course, but it would be beneficial to any PTA officer.

Sept. 18 – Presidents’ Course
Now that you have stepped up to be President, learn what it takes to do the job well! This course will give you the information needed to manage your PTA and have a fun exciting time doing it.

Sept. 21 – Money Matter 201
This course will take you more in depth into some of the legal issues you may encounter as a 501(c)(3) association. It is suggested that all PTA treasurers take this course, but it contains many legal issues, which other PTA officers should be aware of.

Sept. 21 – Council Course
This course explains what a council is, how it connects multiple PTAs together and enhances our voice for children, what councils can do for PTAs and its role within the PTA structure. This course should be attended by Presidents and Council Board members or anyone who wants to learn more about PTA.