Elementary Scholarships Announced

The STC Elementary Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the scholarships for summer enrichment camps and programs this year. The STC of PTAs extends its congratulations to the 97 recipients and its best wishes to ALL of the 165 students who applied. The committee would like to thank the local unit Elementary Scholarship Coordinators at each of our schools who worked to make this program a success.

Name School Grade Camp
Shinnosuke N. Aldrin 3 Baseball Camp – SDP
Malcom J. Anne Fox 4 Hall of Fame Basketball Sports Camp
Nyah J. Anne Fox 3 Kinder Care
Kaitlyn B. Armstrong 3 Chicago Bulls Summer Camp
Gabriel H. Armstrong K Discovery Camp
Michelle K. Armstrong 1 Gymnastics
Paulina P. Armstrong 4 Explorer’s 5 Day Camp
Jacob S. Armstrong 3 Sports Camp
Kanon T. Armstrong 3 Cookin’ Up History Mini
Christos F. Blackwell 2 All About Fish
Peter F. Churchill 5 Hoffman Estates Sports Camp
Axton F. Churchill 1 Hoffman Estates Science Camp
Avaneesh B. Collins 2 Harper In Zone – Engineering Rollercoasters
Olivia C. Collins K Safari Adventure
Wesley K. Collins 1 Recycled Racers -Summer STEM
Sophia M. Collins 1 Safari Adventure
Reese S. Collins 4 Soccer Camp
Thomas S. Collins K Super Hero Lego Engineering Camp
Catherine T. Collins 2 Pencil Power
Kokoro M. Dooley 1 Ballet
Lia O. Dooley 2 Fashion Design Camp
Uta S. Dooley 4 Northwest Ballet Summer Class
Taira S. Dooley 5 Chicago White Sox Half Day Baseball Camp
Joaquin C. Einstein 1 Minecraft Build Adventure Game Using Legos
Ethan G. Einstein 3 Robotics Using Lego
Sarah Y. Einstein 6 2017 Summer Instrumental Music
Ronny S. Eisenhower 7 Inside Out – Sports Camp
Lauren S. Eisenhower 7 Teen Camp
Brytni U. Eisenhower 7 American Sign Language
Isabelle A. Ender-Salk K Lil S.O.S.
Audrey W. Ender-Salk K Once Upon a Dream Dance Camp
Aaryan A. Fairview 1 Chess Scholars Chess Camp
Arden M. Fairview 3 In Zone Harper College – Minecraft Modders
Sarah C. Frost 7 PGA Jr. Golf League
Makenzie E. Hale 3 Adventure Camp
Joshua L. Hale 5 Lego Mindstorm Robotics Camp
Cesor A. Hanover Highlands 5 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Zander M. Hanover Highlands 4 Kasper Summer Camp
Giovanni M. Hanover Highlands 5 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Colton M. Hanover Highlands 1 Insect Safari -Spring Valley Nature Center
Enrique M. Hanover Highlands 3 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Logan N. Hanover Highlands 5 Chicago Bulls Half Day Basketball Camp
Hector R. Hanover Highlands 5 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Fernando S. Hanover Highlands 3 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Kristina S. Hanover Highlands 6 Fitness Camp
Samuel V. Hanover Highlands 5 Middle School Boys Basketball Camp
Alejandro V. Hanover Highlands 2 Bear Paddle Swim Camp
Allison A. Hoover 2 All About Fish
Allyson C. Hoover 5 Girl Power Master Engineering & Leg Camp
Jacob C. Hoover 2 Youth Karate/Safety
Evan D. Hoover 1 Schaumburg Jr. Golf Program
Kile G. Hoover 3 Coerver Coaching Soccer Academy
Payton G. Hoover 5 Farmer’s Boot Camp
Kayla P. Hoover 1 Lego WeDo
Thompson P. Hoover K Great Safety Adventure
Umumah Q. Hoover 1 Inside Out – Sports Camp
Chesley S. Hoover 4 Rise Dance Center
Amelia S. Hoover 2 S.O.S. Junior – Spring Valley Nature Center
Nicole V. Hoover 6 Skyhawks Track and Field
Addison Y. Hoover K Tumble Cheer Camp
Madison D. Keller 7 Conant Cougars Girls Basketball Camp
Leon E. Keller 7 John Ulrich Boys Summer Basketball Camp
Matthew T. Keller 7 2017 Summer Instrumental Music
Alexander E. Lakeview 4 Outdoor Engineers
Connor R. Lakeview K Summer STEM Academy – Bubble Wands
Nadya S. Lakeview 2 Explorer’s Camp – 5 Day
Zoe C. Lincoln Prairie K Chicago Bulls Half Day Basketball Camp
Alex I. Lincoln Prairie K Feathered Friends
Cooper J. Lincoln Prairie 3 D54 Summer STEM
Lucas M. Lincoln Prairie 3 Minecraft Power Users:  Exploring/Adapting Mods
Simon S. Lincoln Prairie 1 Skyhawks Skateboarding
Aiden T. Lincoln Prairie 2 Explorer’s Camp – 3 Day
Duncan W. Lincoln Prairie 5 Chores and Chortles
Charlie K. Link 4 John Ulrich Boys Summer Basketball Camp
Miranda S. Link 1 Gymnastics
Chassity C. MacArthur K Swimming Camp
Gabriel F. MacArthur K Swimming Camp
Alexander G. MacArthur 5 Gymnastics
Troy J. MacArthur 4 Tennis Plus Mini Camp
Brandon P. MacArthur 6 Summer Music – D54
Chloe R. MacArthur 1 PSA Summer Soccer Camp
Grezia R. MacArthur K Art Excellence Camp
Teresa W. MacArthur 3 Big 3 Basketball Camp
Kailey w. MacArthur 3 Volley Ball Camp
Neela G. Mead 7 Clayology
Mirza B. Nerge 3 Coding/Game Design Camp
Vivian B. Nerge 2 Summer Art Camp
Julia G. Nerge 2 Voyagers Camp
Daichi K. Nerge 6 Sports Camp
Seyenna P. Nerge 3 The Grand STEM Challenge-In Zone – Harper
Avanish R. Nerge 2 Minecraft, Build Survival Camp using Legos
Brayden S. Nerge 1 Nature Pirates
Gwendolyn S. Nerge 3 YMCA Camp Horizon Kasper Camp
Olivia S. Nerge K Setting the Stage/Beauty & The Beast
Ava S. Nerge K Tumble Cheer Camp
Trevor F. Stevenson 6 Harper In Zone – Biotechnology
Alessio V. Stevenson 6 Harper In Zone – Biotechnology