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2020-21 slate approved

The nominating committee submitted the following slate of nominees to serve as officers of the Schaumburg Township Council of PTA for the 2020-21 term and all officers were approved. Their terms start July 1.

  • President: Cheryl Gleason
  • 1st Vice President: Katie Forsythe
  • 2nd Vice President: Jessica Augsburger
  • Recording Secretary: Jamie Brown
  • Corresponding Secretary: Quinn Kuipers
  • Treasurer: Eileen Morris

District 54 students advance to state level of PTA Reflections program

The following students from District 54 moved on to the state level for Reflections, a PTA writing and fine arts competition. The theme of the 2019-20 Reflections program was “Look Within.” District 54 students were able to submit an entry in any of the following six arts areas:  film production, dance choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.

There will be a reception honoring the Reflections students from Northwest Cook Region, which includes School District 54, on March 10.

Name, Title of Work, School, Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Olivia E., Olivia’s Dance Diary, 1, Blackwell
  • Ashley G., Brave, 3, Campanelli
  • Kaviya S., I Live to Move, 1, Hale
  • Vernika S., Dance – My Passion, 4, Churchill

Film Production

  • Bhadra B., Revealers, 6, Fairview
  • Jayden D., Take Two, 5, Einstein
  • Dalila G., Basketball Look Within Project, 8, Eisenhower
  • Shatakshi G., Look Within Yourself, 4, Churchill
  • Charly P., The Flower, 6, Fairview
  • Gissell T., How I Found My Identity, 8, Eisenhower


  • Noah C., Voyager Finds Courage, 2, Lincoln Prairie
  • Emelie C., The Wishing Well, 3, Dooley
  • Emily G., The Power of Family, 6, Fairview
  • Amelia J., Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, 4, Hoover
  • Charlotte J., Kindness Counts, 6, Hale
  • Raheela N., Not, 8, Eisenhower
  • Karina S., Hidden Chocolate Chips, 6, Campanelli

Musical Composition

  • Harish G., My Mixed Emotions!!, 4, Fairview
  • Emily G., Making Up My Mind, 6, Fairview
  • Aditya K., Soul Searching, 4, Lincoln Prairie
  • William M., Be the Change – Mitai Henka Ni Narou, 4, Dooley
  • Shune O., Myself, 6, Dooley
  • Madison S., Smart, 3, Aldrin


  • Leilani C., Positively Beauty, 6, Lakeview
  • Ken S., Looking Within Myself, My Goal, 6, Dooley
  • Christian Z., Shining, 5, Fairview

Visual Arts

  • Veronica C., The Gift, 8, Eisenhower
  • Savannah C., A Thousand Thoughts, 3, Dooley
  • Josalyn D., Inner Demon, 8, Frost
  • Lolita N., Fantastic World in My Brain, 2, Fairview
  • Kyle Y., Not Just a Bamboo, 4, Dooley
  • Lily Y., Keyhole to the Future, 7, Addams

District 54 Reflections projects advancing to regionals

The following District 54 students have moved on to the regional level for Reflections, a PTA writing and fine arts competition. The theme of the 2019-20 Reflections program was “Look Within.” District 54 students were able to submit an entry in any of the following areas: film/video production, dance/choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.

Visual Arts

  • James M., Grandpa (3D), kindergarten, Hoover
  • Aarya G., Look Within – It’s Me, 1, Churchill
  • Shreya H., Looking Within a Tree, 2, Churchill
  • Aarna L., Look Within, 2, Hoover
  • Henry M., I Can See You!, 2, Dooley
  • Lolita N., Fantastic World in My Brain, 2, Fairview
  • Savannah C., A Thousand Thoughts, 3, Dooley
  • Aarushi J., Look Within: You Are the World, 3, Einstein
  • Ronald M., Look Within, 4, Einstein
  • Hanna T., The Dragon Within, 4, Dooley
  • Kyle Y., Not Just a Bamboo, 4, Dooley
  • Amelia K., Emotions Inside, 5, Campanelli
  • Alejandra M., Random in a Head, 5, Hanover Highlands
  • Riddhiman S., Equality, 5, Link
  • Leah T., Look Within, 5, Dooley
  • Amira A., Mask, 6, Churchill
  • Delaney B., Heart, 6, Addams
  • Katherine J., Please Don’t See Me, 6, Fairview
  • Karolina B., Owl Mask, 7, Addams
  • Cooper M., Batman (3D), 7, Addams
  • Kathryn T., Airplane Bus, 7, Addams
  • Lily Y., Keyhole to the Future, 7, Addams
  • Veronica C., The Gift, 8, Eisenhower
  • Josalyn D., Inner Demon, 8, Frost
  • Katie K., My Mask (3D), 8, Addams
  • Dominick L., Masterpiece (3D), 8, Addams
  • Ashley S., Owl Mask (3D), 8, Addams
  • Abigail T., Love is In My Heart, 8, Addams
  • Sam W., Sam’s Eye (3D), 8, Addams


  • Gayathirisree G., Look Within, 2, Collins
  • Karyssa P., Stop and Enjoy the Beauty, 2, Nerge
  • Arvie V., Countless Mountains, 2, Collins
  • Kaarthik A., Look Within, 3, Churchill
  • Savannah C., Nature’s Reflection, 3, Dooley
  • Ashley G., Be the Change, 3, Campanelli
  • Sonia K., Bird’s Eye View, 3, Collins
  • Sonia K., Grand Canyon, 3, Collins
  • Sonia K., The Beauty of Nature, 3, Collins
  • Sonia K., The Beauty of Nature, 3, Collins
  • Taylia P., Ringo’s Eyes, 3, Lakeview
  • Raina M., Bears, Beanies and Bros, 4, Collins
  • Christian Z., Shining, 5, Fairview
  • Ava A., Summer to Fall, 6, Fairview
  • Leilani C., Fooled, 6, Lakeview
  • Leilani C., Positively Beauty, 6, Lakeview
  • Leilani C., Fearlessly, 6, Lakeview
  • Alan K., Neighbourhood Sunset, 6, Collins
  • Nick R., The Manido Falls in October, 6, Aldrin
  • Ken S., Looking Within Myself, My Goal, 6, Dooley


  • Noah C., Voyager Finds Courage, 2, Lincoln Prairie
  • Henry M., My Front Door, 2, Dooley
  • Nora M., Look Within My Dad, 2, Hoover
  • Arvie V., Brother Bunny Pluto, 2, Collins
  • Emelie C., The Wishing Well, 3, Dooley
  • Ashley G., Saving Sea Animals, 3, Campanelli
  • Anish A., Speech for 21st Century, 4, Fairview
  • Zana B., Life More Than it Seems, 4, Blackwell
  • Emmett G., Peace in the World, 4, Campanelli
  • Amelia J., Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, 4, Hoover
  • Vernika S., My Precious Mother, 4, Churchill
  • Sahana V., Look Within Me, 4, Fairview
  • Kavin S., The Golf Tournament, 5, Campanelli
  • Ishaana V., Ripples From Below, 5, Campanelli
  • Emily G., The Power of Family, 6, Fairview
  • Charlotte J., Kindness Counts, 6, Hale
  • Karina S., Hidden Chocolate Chips, 6, Campanelli
  • Aneesa S., Inside and Out, 6, Aldrin
  • Joseph J.T. O., The Poem from Within, 7, Addams
  • Raheela N., Not, 8, Eisenhower

Film Production

  • Ujin M., The Tale of the Dog, 2, Collins
  • Taylia P., Let’s All Be Friends, 3, Lakeview
  • Shatakshi G., Look Within Yourself, 4, Churchill
  • Jayden D., Take Two, 5, Einstein
    • Bhadra B., Revealers, 6, Fairview
  • Charly P., The Flower, 6, Fairview
  • Dalila G., Basketball Look Within Project, 8, Eisenhower
  • Gissell T., How I Found My Identity, 8, Eisenhower

Dance Choreography

  • Olivia E., Olivia’s Dance Diary, 1, Blackwell
  • Kaviya S., I Live to Move, 1, Hale
  • Ashley G., Brave, 3, Campanelli
  • Vaishnavi B., Gymnastics – Floor Routines, 4, Hanover Highlands
  • Vernika S., Dance – My Passion, 4, Churchill

Music Composition

  • Noah C., Song On Talent, 2, Lincoln Prairie
  • Kritika K., Voice of My Soul, 2, Churchill
  • Madison S., Smart, 3, Aldrin
  • Harish G., My Feelings in Different Days, 4, Fairview
  • Harish G., My Mixed Emotions!!, 4, Fairview
  • Aditya K., Inside and Out, 4, Lincoln Prairie
  • Aditya K., Soul Searching, 4, Lincoln Prairie
  • William M., Be the Change – Mitai Henka Ni Narou, 4, Dooley
  • Vernika S., The Falling Star, 4, Churchill
  • Vernika S., Music Makes Good Vibes, 4, Churchill
  • Peter G., Happy Anta, 5, Collins
  • Ria S., This World, 5, Hale
  • Emily G., Making Up My Mind, 6, Fairview
  • Shune O., Myself, 6, Dooley

Free Money for Your PTA

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs has received a grant from Lifetouch (our school picture provider) to offset the costs of PTA activities at the local unit level.

Each PTA will receive $400 for anything you need to fund that falls within the PTA objectives and values. You can host a cultural arts assembly, get new equipment for PTA programs, offset the costs of inside recess games or outside recess equipment, or whatever else you decide.

To receive a reimbursement, submit a Spend the Cash application and wait for approval from the STC Executive Committee. Once approved, spend teh cash and submit a check request to the STC treasurer. Receipts must be included.

PTA Purposes  (Historical Goals of PTA)

  • To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship.
  • To raise the standards of home life.
  • To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.
  • To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.
  • Together we are a powerful voice for children. With your help, we can continue to work toward PTA’s goal of a quality education and nurturing environment for every child.

PTA Values

  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed-upon goals.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.
  • Accountability: We acknowledge our obligations.  We deliver on our promises.
  • Respect: We value our colleagues and ourselves.  We expect the same high quality of effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.
  • Inclusivity: We invite the stranger and welcome the newcomer.  We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.
  • Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs.  When we err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to make amends.