Elementary Scholarship Recipients Announced

Posted May 9th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

The STC Elementary Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the scholarships for summer enrichment camps and programs this year. The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs extends its congratulations to the 75 recipients and its best wishes to all of the 95 students who applied. The committee would like to thank the local unit Elementary Scholarship Coordinators at each of our schools who worked to make this program a success.

Name School Grade Camp
Alesandra C. Anne Fox 6 Robotics Using Lego NXT
Rayhan A. Armstrong 6 Camp Napowan
Alexia B. Armstrong 5 Girls Scouts – Make It, Take It
Nicholas P. Armstrong 4 Harper Coaches Basketball Camp
David P. Armstrong K Explorer’s 3 Day Camp
Nick S. Armstrong 6 Camp Napowan
Mason T. Armstrong 6 Napowan Adventure Camp
Dominic R. Blackwell 6 Camp Napowan
Kaden C. Campanelli 1 Roosevelt University Summer Reading
Lara D. Campanelli 3 Precious Angel Summer Camp
Neela G. Campanelli 6 Conservation Science Investigation-Brookfield Zoo
Riya J. Campanelli 6 Debate & Discourse-Current Events
Kelly M. Campanelli 3 The Big Dig
Monika N. Campanelli 6 Introduction to Manufacturing Camp
Gianna G. Collins 4 Piano Lessons
Sophia M. Collins K Lil Astronauts
Madeline M. Collins 1 Tumble Stars
Arden M. Collins 2 Video Game Animation
Cecilia S. Collins 4 Junior Golf
Zephyr Z. Collins 1 NWSRA Swim Lessons
Haley B. Dooley 1 Drama Camp
Mia H. Dooley 4 All About Fish
Miu S. Dooley 2 Frozen Claymation Camp
Ken S. Dooley 2 Chicago Bulls Half Day Camp
Ethan G. Einstein 2 Video Game Programming
Tallen P. Einstein 2 NWSRA Sunrise Camp
Tanvi S. Einstein 2 Video Game Programming
Valerie V. Einstein 3 Piano Lessons
Richard Y. Einstein 1 Summer STEM Academy
Matthew C. Eisenhower 7 Camp Napowan
Jessica F. Eisenhower 7 Girl Scout Camp Cadets Sampler
Giselle A. Ender-Salk 3 Science Camp
Emma J. Ender-Salk 4 Summer Basketball Skills Camp
Angela T. Ender-Salk 6 Theater amp
Rachel D. Fairview 5 Sister Act -Girl Scout Camp
Emily G. Fairview 2 Nature Pirates
Alexandra H. Fairview 4 Cookin’ Up History
Cady M. Fairview 1 Youth Tennis Camp
Fateh S. Fairview 2 Professional Soccer Academy
Alexander  W. Fairview 4 White Pines Ranch Camp
Amber S. Hanover Highlands 4 YMCA Camp MacLean
Morgan A. Hoover 3 Perfecta Farm Blue Ribbon Summer Camp
Skanda A. Hoover 1 Summer Kasper Program
William D. Hoover 1 Pre-Engineering Camp w/ LEGO We Do Robotics
Kayla P. Hoover K All Star Sports-Basketball Camp
Cadence T. Hoover 3 Heritage Farm-Victorian Finishing School
Aarohi V. Hoover 4 Adventure Day Camp
Nicholas D. Lakeview 6 Summer Basketball Skills Camp
Clara E. Lakeview 1 Girl Power Pre-Engineering w/ Lego Mini Camp
Michelle K. Lakeview K Girl Power Pre-Engineering w/ Lego Mini Camp
Nayda S. Lakeview 1 Explorer 3 Day Camp
Rikuto T. Lakeview 2 Bash ‘em Bots Using LEGO
Zoe C. Lincoln Prairie 4 Spotlight Youth Theater
Chiara D. Lincoln Prairie 3 Summer Dance Camp
Finn J. Lincoln Prairie K Brookfield Zoo Discovery Camp
Nicholas M. Lincoln Prairie 6 Lights, Camera, Action Movie Camp
Niko O. Lincoln Prairie 6 Drama Rama – Girl Scout
Saanji S. Lincoln Prairie 7 Young Architects – In Zone
Ayaan S. Lincoln Prairie 1 Robotics Using Lego WEDO
Teagan W. Lincoln Prairie 7 Program Aide Take the Lead
Ashlyn V. Link 2 Beginning/Intermediate Musical Theatre Camp
Troy J. MacArthur 3 Northwest Flag Football Camp
Brandon P. MacArthur 5 Summer STEM Academy
Gwendolynn R. MacArthur 2 Elite Soccer Summer Camp
Cristina W. MacArthur 4 Skyhawks Track & Field Camp
Isabel W. MacArthur K Summer STEM Academy
Zalen C. Mead 7 Camp Napowan
Robby S. Mead 7 Private Saxophone Lessons
Avery C. Nerge 3 Summer Art Camp
Cole H. Nerge 1 Skyhawks Beginning Golf Camp
Kyle P. Nerge 1 Summer Art Camp
Cole S. Nerge 3 Video Game Programming
Charlotte S. Nerge 5 Girl Scout Stay Up-Sleep-In Camp
Lillian S. Nerge 2 Setting The Stage – Guys & Dolls
Trevor F. Stevenson 5 A Matter of Chemistry – In Zone


District 37 Summer Training Schedule

Posted May 4th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

The Illinois PTA Northwest Cook Region/District 37 presents eight courses this summer for PTA members. All courses will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Eisenhower Junior High School, 800 Hassell Road in Hoffman Estates.

June 14:  PTA Road to Success
This course explains the who, what and why of PTA. This course is for everyone! The bylaws require this for the entire board (chairmen and officers).

June 14:  Grassroots Advocacy
Learn how to take an issue and work with other to advocate for desired result. Example of a successful project will be presented.

June 16:  Money Matters 101
This course will take you through everything you will be responsible for as a PTA treasurer including how to prepare a budget, conducting an audit, fundraising, managing money and bank accounts, electronic banking, treasurer’s financial reports, accountability to members and the government, and how to protect your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. It is suggested that all PTA treasurers and presidents take this course, but it would be beneficial to any PTA officer.

June 16:  Membership Recruitment
Learn what resources are available to you . Learn how to engage everyone in growing your membership and the benefits of every-one being a PTA member. This can be a simple and fun job to take on . It’s a great way to meet your community.

June 20:  Money Matters 201
This course will take you more in depth into some of the legal issues you may encounter as a 501 (c) (3) association. It is suggested that all PTA treasurers take this course, but it contains many legal issues, which other PTA officers should be aware of.

June 20:  Presidents’ Course
Now that you have stepped up to be President, learn what it takes to do the job well! This course will give you the information needed to manage your PTA and have a fun exciting time doing it.

June 22:  Reflections
Share the arts with your students while helping build confidence and self-esteem through recognition and celebration of their efforts. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of hosting and supporting the Reflections program, including rules, due dates, packaging, promotion, judging, best practices, success stories, program tips, and Q&A time.

June 22:  Council Course
This course explains what a council is, how it connects multiple PTAs together and enhances our voice for children, what councils can do for PTAs and its role within the PTA structure. This course should be attended by Presidents and Council Board members or anyone who wants to learn more about PTA.

Click here to register or email Walk-ins are welcome but materials are only guaranteed for those that preregister.


2016 Scholarship Recipients

Posted April 6th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs is proud to announce its 2016 scholarship recipients:

The Bonnie Greenberg Memorial Scholarship

  • Rebecca Fuentes (Fox/Addams/Schaumburg)

Two Year Junior College/Trade or Vocational School Scholarship

  • Celina Perez (Fox/Addams/Schaumburg)

Four Year College/University Scholarship

  • Ayesha Mohan (Hoover/Keller/Conant)
  • Rachel Fox (Dooley/Addams/Schaumburg)
  • Kelsey Davis (Aldrin/Frost/Schaumburg)
  • Melissa Wickland (Aldrin/Frost/Schaumburg)
  • Daniel Torres-Solache (Enders-Salk/Keller/Hoffman Estates)
  • Jack McCoy (Blackwell/Addams/Schaumburg)
  • Jessica D’Souza (Campanelli/Mead/Schaumburg)
  • Shriram Chennakesavalu (Campanelli/Mead/Conant)
  • Morgan Wessel (Stevenson/Mead/Conant)

Each student will be awarded a one-year, $1,000 scholarship at the annual STC Scholarship Recognition Dinner May 11 at Addams Junior High School.  The recipients are all seniors in high school who once attended a District 54 school.

Elementary scholarships available

Posted February 29th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

As part of its commitment to life-long learning, the Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs (STC) offers scholarships for summer programs and camps to District 54 students currently in kindergarten through seventh grade who wish to broaden their education, talents and experiences.

Changes to the Application in 2016

  • Current kindergarteners are now eligible to apply.
  • Proof of prepayment is no longer required.

A full and complete application must include all of the following:

  • Completed Identification & Verification Form
  • Student Statement (consisting of one two-part question with a maximum of 300 words) on the STC application form provided. Statement must fit on the front only of the page either typewritten, computer-generated or neatly handwritten with text able to be clearly copied.
  • A copy of the summer camp/program brochure with description (including cost information). Do not send entire catalog/website information.
  • A copy of the completed application/registration form (no exceptions)
  • A copy (not the original) of the parent/guardian PTA/PTSA membership card for the 2015-16 academic year, or written verification of PTA/PTSA membership from the local unit membership chair or local unit president. (Parent/Guardian must be a PTA member at the school attended by the child applying for the scholarship. Must be a PTA member by March 1, 2016).

Please note that any application not meeting all of the criteria will be disqualified. No materials will be returned.  Please do not staple/tape/paperclip anything together. Click here for the complete application packet in Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.

Scholarships will be awarded for the full cost of the summer program/camp up to $125.

  • All scholarship checks will be forwarded directly to the summer program/camp.
  • One application may be submitted per student.
  • No household will be awarded more than one scholarship each year.
  • No student will be awarded a scholarship for more than two consecutive years.

The summer program or camp must start on or after June 1, 2016 and be completed by September 1, 2016.  To comply with the Bylaws of PTA, to be “noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan,” a camp with the purpose of religious instruction will be ineligible for a scholarship.

Submit your application to your school on the date as designated by your PTA/PTSA Elementary Scholarship Coordinator.  Place in a sealed envelope, labeled STC Elementary Scholarship Application. All candidates will be notified of committee decisions after May 1, 2016.

Scholarship recipients are encouraged to notify STC describing the benefits of having attended the camp/program for which the scholarship is received.

Please note that this program is not the same, nor is it affiliated with the Schaumburg Township Elementary School Foundation Memorial Scholarship Grant program.

For more information, please contact STC Elementary Scholarship Chair Lisa Reck at or (847) 921-3396.

Officer nominees for 2016-17

Posted January 27th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

The nominating committee met on January 25, 2015, for the purpose of creating a slate of nominees to serve as officers of Schaumburg Township Council of PTA for the 2016-2017 term.

The nominating committee submitted the following individuals as the STC officer nominees:

  • President: Sue Budak
  • 1st Vice President: Jennifer Ratkovich
  • 2nd Vice President: Jim Sklena
  • Recording Secretary: Shonda Dudlicek
  • Corresponding Secretary: Michelle Pikscher
  • Treasurer: Alison Carlson

District 54 students advance to state level of PTA Reflections program

Posted January 21st, 2016 by Terri McHugh

The following students from District 54 moved on to the state level for Reflections, a PTA writing and fine arts competition. The theme of the 2015-16 Reflections Program was “Let Your Imagination Fly.” District 54 students were able to submit an entry in any of the following six arts areas:  film production, dance choreography, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts.

Name, Title of Work, School, Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Sai, Dance, Churchill, 1
  • Sai, Electronic Dance, Churchill, 2
  • Madison, Stand Tall, Lincoln Prairie, 4

Film Production

  • Faro, When Pigs Fly, Fairview, 4
  • Soham, “Click” Go To Sleep, Fairview, 5
  • Haley, Fly, Campanelli, 6
  • Ashley, A Runner’s Dream, Lincoln Prairie, 6
  • Vineeth, Let Your Imagination Fly, Churchill, 6
  • Julian, Lego Natural Disasters, Hoover, 6
  • Olivia, Who We Want To Be, Lincoln Prairie, 7
  • Grace, It Was Just My Imagination, Eisenhower, 8


  • Anish, Brothers, Fairview, Kindergarten
  • Charlotte, Upside Down World, Hale, 2
  • Karina, Imagine a Fall Rainbow, Campanelli, 2
  • Jessica, The Peace Book, Nerge, 3
  • Allison, Pigs Fly, Collins, 4
  • Dev, The Football King, Link, 5

Musical Composition

  • Vedant, Leo the Lion, Churchill, 2
  • Allison, Dreaming, Lincoln Prairie, 4
  • Sanjana, My Feelings, Churchill, 5
  • Shreya, Twirling in to Dreams, Fairview, 5
  • Monika, City of Dreams, Campanelli, 6
  • Annie, Waking Up, Frost, 8


  • Julia, A Little Ghost Visits My Room, Lincoln Prairie, 1
  • Simran, The Butterfly and the Flower, Fairview, 3
  • Julia, Up in the Sky, Fairview, 6
  • Nicolas, Out of this World, Lincoln Prairie, 7
  • Allison, A Wheel of Hope, Keller, 8

Visual Arts

  • Maiya, Fairy Tale Forest, Dooley, 1
  • Aarav, All Hands on Deck to Save Animals, Fairview, 2
  • Amelia, Inmajynate is real, Hoover, 2
  • Angel, Let Your Imagination Fly, Campanelli, 4
  • Rebecca, My Imaginary World, Fairview, 5
  • Sean, Moose-n-around, Eisenhower, 7

Special Artist – Film Production

  • Clara, Clara’s Hotel Transylvania 2 Facts, Lakeview, 1

Special Artist – Visual Arts

  • Annabelle, Buildings, Aldrin, 4

Special Artist – Photography

  • Jack, I Believe I Can Fly, Addams, 8
  • Clara, The Yoshi, Lakeview, 1

Dudlicek receives PTA Bachelor’s Degree

Posted January 14th, 2016 by Terri McHugh

Congratulations to Shonda Dudlicek – an Armstrong PTA member and the recording secretary for the Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs – on receiving her Illinois PTA University Bachelor’s Degree this month.

Shonda receiving PTA bachelor's degree

The Illinois PTA University is an incentive program open to any member, designed to encourage leadership development. Each level recognizes the accomplishment of PTA members by have completed several requirements, including attendance at a variety of workshops, courses and PTA events.

Shonda said it has taken her years to complete it and she is well on her way to earning her master’s degree. Shonda is pictured with Illinois PTA President Matthew John Rodriguez and Illinois PTA Vice President of Programs Nicole Fentem.

For more information about obtaining your PTA bachelor’s degree, visit the Illinois PTA website.

Reflections Projects Advance

Posted December 4th, 2015 by Terri McHugh

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs is proud to announce that the following Reflections projects are advancing to the Northwest Cook Region Reflections judging.

Reflections Projects Advancing to Northwest Cook Region 2015

The PTA Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Students participate in the Reflections Program by submitting entries to their local PTA or PTSA. Any PTA/PTSA in good standing is eligible to sponsor a Reflections Program.

PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in its annual arts Reflections Program. The program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas:  dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which includes art forms such as drawing, painting, print making, and collage).

The theme for 2015 was “Let Your Imagination Fly…” Entries were judged before the Nov. 23 viewing in District 54.

High School Scholarships

Posted December 2nd, 2015 by Terri McHugh

Schaumburg Township Council of PTA offers scholarships for graduating seniors who attended a District 54 school.  STC awarded 11 $1,000 scholarships in 2015.  There are three types of scholarships:

  • Junior College/Trade School/Vocational School Scholarships for seniors with a GPA of 2.85 or higher (one scholarship available);
  • Four-Year College/University Scholarships for seniors with a GPA of 3.3 or higher (nine scholarships available); and
  • The Bonnie Greenberg Memorial Scholarship for a graduating special needs senior with a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The student need not be enrolled in special education classes, but must have a current IEP (one scholarship available).

All seniors who meet the following eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • Attended any District 54 school for two years; and
  • Will attend a career development program, an accredited college, university, junior college or trade school upon graduation from high school.

Applications for the 2015-16 scholarship are posted below. Completed applications must be returned to their High School College and Career Center or the District 54.

An awards banquet to honor the students will be held May 11, 2016 at Mead Junior High School. For more information, contact Nicole Villafuerte at (847) 975-0489

Upcoming Events

Posted November 4th, 2015 by Terri McHugh

Nov. 23 – Reflections viewing at 7 p.m. at the District 54 Professional Learning Center, 522 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg

Dec. 2 – PTA Council meeting at 9 a.m. at the Rafferty Administration Center